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Productivity and Efficiency 

  • The productive is required to utilize the available time so as to maintain a productivity and efficiency as prescribed by BMW.

Job Cards 

  • The care of the job card in terms of its safe keeping and condition is the sole responsibility of the productive during the work in progress phase
  • All relevant attachments such as the diagnostic reports, parts requisition forms, picking slips, applied measures and authorizations must be carefully and safely inserted into the job card folder
  • Detailed and accurate reporting of work carried out is expected without exception on the job card. Reports must be itemized accurately in conjunction with the fault list on the front of the job cards and accompanied with accurate clocking’s in the provided columns. Clocking must also be itemized in accordance with that of the individual reports
  • All “open time” work must reported accurately and clocked separately
  • All job cards must be completely updated and returned to the control office at the end of each day irrespective of the completion of the work.


  • The productive is required to be actively working during 07h30 and 17h00 bar the allocated tea and lunch breaks
  • Care of clients vehicles and belongings are the responsibility of the technician while the vehicle is undergoing repairs
  • The productive must ensure that basic requirements for tools are adhered to and that the tools are kept clean and functional
  • Workstations are to be kept clean and tidy in line with BMW specifications
  • Smoking inside the workshop is strictly prohibited by law
  • The use of the cell phones during working times are not allowed
  • All repairs and fitments are to be carried out in conjunction with BMW repair instructions and all torque specifications illustrated in these instructions are to be carried out accurately and without fail
  • Care must be taken to follow troubleshooting instructions by the diagnostic system accurately and honestly
  • It is required that productive`s report theft, ill-discipline and potential risks to the company, staff or client to their immediate superior immediately
  • The productive shares the responsibility of adhering to the requirements of the 4-eye principal together with the Foreman. Work must be stopped and authorized by the foreman at the appropriate juncture
  • Damages to vehicle or part of a vehicle must be reported to the Foreman immediately
  • Any damages or potential damages caused during the assembly or disassembly of a vehicle by the technician must be reported to the Foreman immediately

Parts Return and care of parts

  • All parts fitted under Motor plan must be cleaned and handed to the Store man
  • Corresponding tags must be applied to the returned parts and the job card
  • All parts fitted under the customer’s account must be cleaned and placed in a sealed bag in the boot of the client`s car unless otherwise instructed. Care must be taken not to put any parts that could cause damage to the interior of the clients car
  • The safe keeping of all parts old or new is the responsibility of the technician until it is installed into the vehicle or handed in to the Store man, parts salesman or customer

Training and development

  • It is the productive’s responsibility to  plan and discuss their career goals and training needs with their SM so as to take advantage of the ongoing training platforms available
  • Connect the vehicle access hardware (Integrated Communication Optical Module) to the vehicle and make it available to the workshop network either wireless or by cable
  • Link the vehicle access hardware to the Integrated Service Information Display using the connection manager
  • Run a vehicle test
  • View the fault code memory
  • Generate the test plan
  • Work through generated process
  • Complete job file

Diagnose the following (using special tools as per specified by ISTA repair instructions):

  • Control module DME
  • Idle Speed Control Valve
  • Oxygen Sensor
  • DME components (i.e. throttle potential meters coolant temperature sensors, air mass meters, camshaft sensors, idle control valves, fuel injectors, ignition coils, oxygen sensors etc.)

Diagnose the following (using special tools as per specified by ISTA repair instructions):

  • Fuel delivery press
  • Fuel injectors
  • Fuel system faults 
  • Fuel rail pressure
  • Radial oil seal and induction leak detection
  • Automatic transmission

Perform activation of  fuel system components

Diagnose the following (using special tools as per specified by ISTA repair instructions):

  • Power steering box and electrical steering
  • Bellows on suspension systems
  • Power steering pump
  • Steering angle system
  • ABS wheel speed sensors
  • ABS system operation
  • Traction Control System

Senior Certificate (Grade 12) with Maths and Science

Computer literacy (office suite)
Drivers licence

NTC – Motor Trade Theory


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