8 careers that'll make you stinking rich in South Africa

artice image If money is what you're after, pursue these jobs in South Africa.

South Africa is filled with opportunities in the labour market, it just depends which end of the labour market you find yourself. According to Mallguide, there are between 500 000 and 800 000 vacancies available for highly skilled individuals. These jobs require an advanced education and many years of studying, but if you’re committed, the rewards far outweigh the sacrifice of sleepless nights.

Here is a list of the best paying jobs in South Africa

Credit Risk Analyst
There is a great need for these individuals mainly due to the worldwide financial crisis. A credit risk analyst earns up to R617 285 annually.

Air traffic controllers, Petroleum engineers, and Lawyers
You’ll have to study and train for years to get a foot into one of these positions, but with an annual salary of between R572 600 and R695 000 you’ll never feel the financial pinch.

Financial Advisor
Financial advisors do just that, advise you on how best to handle and invest your money in order to reach your goals. Expect to earn up to R1 080 000 per year.

Legal Services Director
It’s safe to say that careers in law have the potential to earn great salaries, but the higher you are; the better you’ll get paid. Legal services directors earn up to R1 200 000 annually.

Managing Director
In this position you’ll have management and executive responsibilities, similar to a CEO. You could earn up to R1 250 145 year-on-year.

If you’re a mathematical, problem-solving whiz, you should consider going into this industry. You’ll work for insurance companies and financial institutions and earn an annual salary of up R1 298 000 once you’ve gained experience.

Chief Executive Officer
This may not be the top earning job, but it’s a sure head-turner. As a CEO you’ll be responsible for all executive and management duties. Expect to earn from R1 335 170 per year and upwards.

IT Development Manager
IT is definitely the way to go if you’re keen on technology. An IT development manager’s duties include managing the development and maintenance of information technology in their organisation. Individuals in this position can earn an annual salary of up to R1 620 000 a year.

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