3 top hospitality jobs if you want more money

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If you’re looking to study or to find work in the hospitality industry, try the salary comparison offered by  Their research shows that in South Africa it’s Hospitality Directors who earn the most, bringing in about R36 500 per month.

1. Hospitality Director

As a Hospitality Director you will be the manager and main person responsible for how an organisation is run. This could be a hotel chain, a restaurant franchise or a tour company, and many other options. You will have to oversee the work of assistant managers and while you will delegate certain tasks to them, it is your role to provide direction. The amount of responsibility is dependent on the size of the company you manage.

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Many Hospitality Directors gain experience by starting off in smaller organisations as they begin their careers. It is difficult to secure a Hospitality Director role if you have not shown you can effectively and successfully run a business. The pay is often higher the larger the organisation, as are the number of responsibilities.

2. Quality, Health and Safety Coordinator

Next up (and R10 000 p/m behind!) is the role of Quality, Health and Safety Coordinator at R27 000 per month. South African Quality, Health and Safety Coordinators are tasked with planning, implementing, and coordinating safety programs. This requires the application of specific skills, to prevent or correct unsafe environments in hotels, kitchens and areas popular with tourists.

Did you know? Further study can improve your earning potential. Updating your skills will make you a more attractive employee too. Have you considered a short course? A number of local institutions offer affordable training which you can do in your spare time. Who knows? With an updated CV you might even make it into the topmost salary bracket sooner than you hoped! 

3. Executive Chef

Third on the list is the role of Executive Chef at around R22 500 per month. This is the highest cooking role of all. An Executive Chef manages at least one kitchen, but sometimes more. But don’t expect to land this role right out of school! Good Executive Chefs can have as much as a decade’s experience in the profession. The role also carries a lot of responsibility.

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As you explore the different hospitality opportunities in South Africa, you’ll notice there are many job openings for graduates and experienced professional at all levels and salary ranges.

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