4 sectors hiring like crazy right now

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Summer may have allowed most of us to kick off our job hunting shoes, but if there’s one thing that hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down, it’s the industries with the most job opportunities right now.  

Not only have these sectors shown immense growth over 2015, but they have some pretty amazing job opportunities too. If you’re serious about landing that coveted position, put your shoes back on, and you could land a new gig in one of these sectors:


South Africa is a global leader in mining. In fact, its gold and diamond reserves contribute the largest amount to the country’s GDP. According to the Chamber of Mines, the sector creates as many as 1 million jobs. Although the sector experienced a slight drop in July 2015, recruitment notably picked up during September 2015.

While skilled mining professionals are always in high demand, drilling operations directors, project controls and site managers, engineers, geologists and metallurgists are generally among the most wanted mining jobs.

Information Technology

The information and communication technologies sector is the largest and most advanced in Africa. Together with the telecommunications sector, the IT sector generates approximately R29 billion. With companies such as and Amazon growing from strength to strength, it’s no wonder that since the beginning of this year, jobs in IT went up by a massive 30%.

If you’re an excellent software engineer, system engineer, technical manager, IT specialist or a team lead, keep an eye out for more job opportunities in these and other IT companies.


Not only does South Africa have the latest wireless and satellite communication, but the country’s network is 99% digital, making South Africa the most developed telecommunications network in the continent. At the start of the year, jobs for telecoms professionals grew markedly by 31%.

Just like the IT sector, if you’re a numbers and codes guru, you’re well on your way of being spotted by some of the best companies in telecoms.


The engineering sector remains a sizeable economic contributor and employment provider. In fact, engineers of various types dominated the country’s most-wanted professionals, with electrical engineers, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, quantity surveyors and programme or project managers among the top 10 most-sought after professions. This year alone, the sector showed a whopping by 40% growth in demand for skilled engineering professionals.

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